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Top 15 Tear-Jerking Lost Scenes

#11: Sawyer tells Jack about his father

Behold the scene when I knew these two would be one of my favorite TV friendships of all time.  This was also one of the first times I realized that despite everything, Sawyer could actually be a good and kind person.  He did not have to tell Jack about this, he gained nothing from telling him, and up to this point in the show, he had been pretty selfish, and only did things for his own gain.  This is the first time he does something completely selfless.  Jack needed to hear this, he needed to know that his father loved him, and Sawyer being the one to tell him just makes it that much more powerful.  Amazing acting done by both of them in this scene, and one of the best scenes for their characters individually and their friendship.

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"And I know her, we’re together. It’s like we always have been and always will be. Feeling this love, and just as I’m about to be englulfed by it… I open my eyes and this sodding idiot is just standing there, asking me if I’m okay. But I saw it. Just for a moment I saw what it looked like.”

LOST // Breaking Bad parallels 


The Cast of #LOST Says Farewell


There was a very early perception, even as soon as the pilot, that LOST some sort of purgatory. And we were always out there saying ‘It’s not purgatory, all of these things are actually happening, these people are on this island, they’re going through this experience, this is real, we’re not going to Sixth Sense you.’ But at the same time the audience was perceiving that.

And we felt it too, the idea that the show had to be meta in this way. And writers have a tendency to get very pretentious when we’re amongst ourselves. And we started saying, ‘Obviously, there are all these mysteries that are sort of surrounding the show. Wouldn’t it be great if in the final episode of LOST we could try to answer a mystery that the show had never asked? And let’s just go for, I don’t know, what’s the meaning of life and what happens when you die?’

Damon Lindelof (via dharmist)
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Happy International Women’s Day from the ladies of LOST

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I wish I was a part of the Dharma Initiative…

do you


do you really